Mission Mindful




conscious or aware of something

Have you wondered the meaning behind the name Worthi Co.? As a fashion company, we are aware of the lack of representation of many bodies. We believe all bodies are worthy- hence our name Worthi Company.

Worthi Company strives to be mindful in every regard possible. We are conscious about the fashion industry and the toll it takes on our planet. Today, fast fashion has taken over and with that severe consequences. Simply put, fast fashion =  faster pollution. Yikes! Commence Mission Mindful

Let us further explain what objectives we have for Mission Mindful.

Most of our clothing is constructed using either 100% recycled polyester or 100% recycled nylon (and woven with another elastic fiber).
We've procured our 100% recycled polyester by utilizing ECO-CIRCLE™ technology. This means infinite recycling capabilities without sacrificing quality! Our 100% recycled nylon fibers are pre-consumer, post-industrial scraps. This not only saves large quantities of unnecessary waste, but also saves energy up to 8.5% and water up to 84%, whilst reducing up to 77% of CO2 emission.

You can also have peace in mind knowing that your order will come in a 100% compostable package- THAT'S RIGHT! Just bury it in your backyard for worm food. Additionally, our delivery service is 100% carbon neutral. This just packs an extra punch in Mission Mindful.

Being mindful of the mere lack of representation of most bodies today, one of our main goals is to bring more expression to ALL bodies, as we believe, ALL bodies are WORTHI.

Would you like to become an ambassador? Email us at support@worthico.com

We hope you join us in accomplishing Mission Mindful!